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We have been fortunate to work on many major projects that have transformed communities by driving important urban lifestyle initiatives, fostering community engagement, building partnerships between public and private interests to strengthen the local tax base, and using emerging technologies to build smart cities that improve mobility, sustainability and security of our urban centers. These are the ingredients that Landmark believes define successful cities of tomorrow. 


the future is urban

The importance of lifestyle to the future of our cities is paramount. Today, the intersection of place and experience is emerging to become the dominant theme that drives our urban landscape. As we emerge into a new era of urbanism unlike any time in our past – the lifestyle factors that influence the decisions of our residents, visitors and industries will dominate how our cities transform. 


Bringing together mixed-use environments centered on the civic and cultural institutions that define our communities is the foundation of Landmark’s business. Landmark’s expertise in creating and shaping experiential lifestyle environments – authentic to the unique character, fabric and history of a city – is perhaps the greatest asset we can bring to your community.   


working with communities to grow a more diverse & experienced workforce

One of our greatest achievements has been the overwhelming success in working with communities to grow a more diverse, experienced and trained workforce to support our local economies. Landmark is a recognized leader in the real estate industry for our success in building “community” through the resources devoted to major economic development. We have built the strategies and organized community-based programs – in partnership with civic leaders, educators, labor and government – designed to build capacity among targeted workforce and business interests.


Landmark’s Targeted Business and Workforce Participation Program is tailored to the interests of each community and has resulted in many success stories. Our programs are designed to leverage the vast resources within our communities to build awareness and training, as well as the technical support and financial resources needed to grow, diversify and strengthen local businesses and their workforce.

I have partnered with many organizations over the years in the real estate industry and I can say unquestionably that Landmark is the most capable, creative and disciplined organization I have worked with in this business.




technology is the platform for a new urban landscape

Today, Landmark is engaged in a series of strategic efforts with community leaders to build diverse urban infrastructure designed around emerging technology platforms. These efforts are proven to build the capacity to integrate the social, environmental, transportation, utility, cultural and experiential fabric of our communities to become dynamic environments that are vital to the residents, visitors and industries of tomorrow. To achieve our goals, Landmark has embarked on an innovation strategy – in partnership with leaders and innovators among diverse industries – to create a smarter, greener and more efficient urban landscape. This work is centered on the landmark destinations that define and drive our communities forward for the next generation.


redefining the meaning of "partnership"

Landmark has been at the forefront of development in the public-private sector long before "P3" became an industry buzzword. For decades, our business opportunities have evolved in partnership with public agencies looking to build a platform for economic development to cure blight, build tax base, grow jobs and economic vitality for the region.  We have partnered with many civic and governmental agencies to organize a strategic vision for economic development and guide these initiatives to a successful outcome. Today, Landmark is recognized as a leader for finding creative and effective strategies to drive economic development in the public-private sector.   

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